Kung Leads Seminar at OHSU

Dr. Peter KungDr. Peter Kung

Peter Kung, MD, of Longview Orthopedic Associates continues to build a reputation as a nationally-regarded orthopedic surgeon.

Kung was recently invited to teach a course in arthroscopic surgery to third- and fourth-year residents at a week-long course in Portland for Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU).

"It’s very satisfying to be involved in educating future orthopedic surgeons," Kung said. "I was especially honored to be asked to teach this course because I was one of the few orthopedists not affiliated with OHSU invited to instruct."

Kung was selected because of his knowledge of the latest techniques in arthroscopic surgery and because of his growing reputation in the local community.

Known as "Arthroscopy Boot Camp," the seminar focused on arthroscopic knee and shoulder procedures, including arthroscopic shoulder stabilization, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, and minimally invasive knee ligament reconstruction. Kung volunteered for two days, participating in lectures during the morning sessions and facilitating arthroscopic techniques in the cadaver practice lab in the afternoons.

"Arthroscopy is a great tool because it’s minimally invasive," Kung said. "With a small camera the surgeon can get around the entire shoulder and knee and see everything that needs to be seen. And with arthroscopic procedures, there is typically less post-operative pain, quicker rehab, and a better outcome for patients."

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