Dr. McLeod Testimonials

I really appreciated Dr. McLeod’s kindness and openness. He was amazing.

– Joyce Struthers

I’d broken my leg at the ankle previously and had surgery done by another physician, but my mobility was limited. Dr. McLeod repaired the problem, and now I can walk! He did a good job and was very professional.

– Linda Schiller

I had foot surgery to correct a defect in the large bone that connects the big toe and ankle. The surgery went extremely well. Dr. McLeod was kind, patient, and professional. I would recommend him to anyone needing foot surgery.

– Patricia Britcher

Dr. McLeod operated on my foot. He’s an amazing surgeon and has a great bedside

– Toni Chandler Klopp

I saw Dr. McLeod for my foot pain. He listens, which I really appreciated.

– Toni Scholder