Successful Achilles Surgery a Life-Changer

Dr. Jake McLeod Dr. Jake McLeod

Joyce Struthers was in severe pain and dealing with limited mobility as a result of an Achilles tendon injury. In September 2016, foot and ankle specialist Jake McLeod performed a procedure to solve the problem.

"There were bone spurs, and the tendon had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t walk far," Struthers said.

"He had to detach the tendon completely and then reattach it, in addition to cleaning up the spurs."

Struthers knows it will take time for the tendon to fully heal. For now, she is very happy that her pain level has been dramatically reduced, and she is grateful for Dr. McLeod’s help.

"I really appreciated his kindness and openness," she said. "He was amazing."

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