Quality Surgeons Drawn to Longview Orthopedic Associates

The lack of an outpatient surgery center in the local area was the central motivator behind Longview Orthopedic Associates’ decision to move to Pacific Surgical Institute in 2006.

"Most orthopedic – and many urologic – surgical procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, especially if the patients are healthy," said LOA Clinic Manager Kathleen Lappe. "It’s a cost-effective, convenient way for patients to have their problems taken care of. And having access to PSC (Pacific Surgical Center) has certainly made it much easier for us to recruit the very best orthopedic surgeons."

The move to the new facility was challenging to say the least. The filing space at LOA had not been correctly measured. Reams of charts and files had to be sorted. "It was like moving into a new house with lots of rooms," Lappe said.

The pay-off has been more than worthwhile. Parking is plentiful and in close proximity to the facility. Individual clinics are able to do what they want without getting permission from hospital administration. And the staff takes a great deal of pride in working in a beautiful building.

"The key to our success at Longview Orthopedic Associates all comes down to our excellent surgeons," Lappe said. "They could go anywhere to practice but chose Longview. As word has spread about their expertise, our patient count has grown."

She noted that many local employers have chosen Kaiser Permanente as the insurance coverage for their employees. "It helps us that Kaiser allows its patients to use LOA for their orthopedic needs."

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