Dr. Tony Lin Testimonials

I have been several times and the whole process is very efficient which I appreciate. And I especially like Dr. Lin.

– LA

It just doesn’t get any better than this! The whole place is excellent!

- LZ

I appreciated how Dr. Lin talked with me about my shoulder and did not push me toward surgery He had good advice about continuing my active routine and seeking his help and surgery when I feel that is the last resort. Thank you so much!


Dr. Lin is always great and understanding. Glad he is in the area!

– KD

Awesome team.

– RN

Dr. Lin was great!!

– MH

Just starting the process but very happy with the initial visit.

– TM

I truly trust Dr. Lin with my care.

– GS

Very good and they seem to care about their patients

- KW

I am so very thankful that Dr. Lin LISTENED to ME the patience and signs and symptoms to fully understand what was going on with my injury and how best to help heal. I am forever grateful to Dr. Lin and his staff for giving me back life after an injury.

- CS

It just doesn’t get any better than this! The whole place is excellent!

The doctor was very professional and took care to explain the procedure and make sure I was comfortable with what he was doing.

- JR

Just starting the process but very happy with initial visit.


I have only praises for you



- SG

Dr. Lin is an exceptional surgeon who understands the athletic mind. I had significant damage to my shoulder from a lifetime of competitive swimming, coaching softball, and throwing. I lost all power in my shoulder. It sagged about three inches, and my shoulder blade relocated itself to the middle of my back. My medical provider’s suggestion was to stop swimming, which I found unsatisfactory. After an MRI I was sent to Longview Orthopedic Associates, specifically to Dr. Lin. He treated me like an athlete, not a guy in his mid-50s, which I greatly appreciated. Dr. Lin recommended surgery and was very confident he could fix the damage, which was extensive. We proceeded with the surgery in October. He repaired the bicep tendon, labrum, damaged cartilage, and the rotator. Two months later I was in therapy; two weeks after that I was back in the pool swimming the breaststroke. Today, I have full range of motion; my shoulder is strong, level, and doing much better. Only five months after surgery, I was swimming 2,700-yard sprints and even did a 4,200-yard distance workout in 70 minutes. Dr. Lin’s confidence and incredible talent can’t be overstated.

- Merrill Berger

I received the best care with Dr. Lin and his staff. This was my 2nd surgery by Dr. Lin and both have been the best care I could have received. I thank Dr. Lin and Longview Orthopedics.

- Lowell Williams

Superior Capsular Reconstruction and Pec Transfer:

Shoulder patch in failed cuff repair with shoulder arthritis:

Both Shoulders Replaced:

I fell, tearing my rotator cuff on front and back side. Dr. Lin performed surgical magic and put me back together. His advice was not to get in a hurry and do not come to a pre-determined time line on when I would be healed. Over the weeks of being in a sling and having limited movement I was approached by several people who voluntarily came up to me with their story of over doing it during recovery and they paid the price. You must be a patient, go through physical therapy, do you exercises, stretch and follow Dr. Lin’s advice. I am five months post-surgery and recently had my last PT and Dr follow u. My shoulder is very flexible, gaining strength and it all started with Dr. Lin’s work. Longview Orthopedic does good work and the location and full-service convenience makes it very user friendly. I highly recommend them.

- Doug Burns

Massive Cuff Tear 5 months:

6 weeks after partial knee replacement:

Both knees replaced:

Fell on ice:

Large cuff tear:

4 months after Quad tendon repair:

6 weeks Reverse total shoulder:

6 weeks after TKA in 82 yo:

3 months after TKA:

Frozen shoulder:

ACL and MCL reconstruction:

ACL reconstruction:

Back and knee pain:

Bucket handle meniscus tear:

Dr. Roemling distal biceps repair:

Both shoulder cuff repair:

Massive revision cuff repair:

Superior Capsular Reconstruction:

Meniscus surgery:

8 weeks after knee replacement:

Both shoulder resurfacing replacement:

Shoulder replacement after fracture:

Both shoulder instability dislocations:

Thumb fracture in MMA match:

Patella tendon repair:

4 months after shoulder replacement:

Both knee replacements:

5 months after cuff repair: