Dr. Lauder, LOA Receive Praise from Darlene Masters

Darlene Masters lives on a farm, so having pain-free use of her hands is very important. She recently had carpal tunnel surgery on her left wrist. The procedure was performed at Pacific Surgical Center by Dr. A.J. Lauder of Longview Orthopedic Associates. Masters is very happy with results.

She’d been suffering significant pain in both hands and had undergone a similar procedure on her right hand at a different medical facility. It didn’t go well.

"I ended up having complex regional pain syndrome after that surgery and had to go to physical therapy for weeks just to get mobility back in my fingers and hand," she said.

Masters decided to opt for surgery on her left hand, this time with Dr. Lauder as her physician. "My experience at Pacific Surgical was totally different from having it done at the other facility," she said.

She had high praise for Lauder and the staffs at Longview Orthopedic Associates and Pacific Surgical Center.

"Everyone at Longview Orthopedics was friendly and professional," she said."Dr. Lauder took the time to listen to and answer all of my questions. He was very personable, easy to talk to, and seemed to truly care."

When she arrived at Pacific Surgical Center for her procedure, she was nervous. "But the surgical staff was caring and compassionate and let me know that they were there for me all the way."

Masters has enjoyed a full recovery and is grateful for the care she received.

"I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Lauder and Pacific Surgical. If I ever need a surgery and it can be done there, that’s definitely where I’ll go."

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