Ashley Hawkes Testimonials

“Nurse practitioner Ashley Hawkes was very knowledgeable and explained things in a way I could understand.”


“The medical professional who administered my treatment (Ashley Hawkes) was an absolute delight. I couldn't have had better care.”


“Ashley Hawkes listened and helped troubleshoot issues that led to testing and surgery and recovery. Very thankful that she took time to listen.”


“I very much appreciated the visit I had with Ashley.”


“Ashley was the best!”


The ARNP that waited on me explained the details of the surgery and my options very well. I was very pleased with her; she was very courteous.

– GM

The person who did the exam was very nice and helpful. The exam area was very peaceful and relaxing. This was the best and most comfortable experience that I have ever had in a doctor’s office. I really appreciated everything about this experience!

– RH

I was extremely pleased with the care given to me.

– MW

They were very professional.

- SS

Ashley, Catherine, Suzi, Dr. Lauder, Dr. Kretzler, you all are wonderful and amazing. Longview is so blessed to have you. Thank you for the excellent care! Aloha.


Ashley Hawkes was very professional, and I appreciate that she valued me as a returning patient. I feel comfortable in her care.

– DC

Really, really like my ARNP, and am looking forward to further services as they are warranted in time.

- DL

Everyone was nice and any questions I had they were able to answer. Overall, a great time while I was there. I have no complaints at all.

- AM

I arrived early and was treated and released before my scheduled arrival time. Everything went smoothly. I really liked the ARNP who administered my knee injections. She was efficient and very helpful. I’m so grateful for the care I receive there.


Prompt, courteous, and friendly.

- RU

The ARNP I saw today was amazing. She was friendly and kind.

- BC

Ashley is very friendly, knowledgeable, kind, and caring.

- DS

Wonderful staff and visit

- JL

Love the friendliness of the nurse and the personable, smart, and knowledgeable ARNP Ashley Hawkes.

- KF

Wonderful experience with the assistant who gave me my cortisone shot. She has a great personality.

- DL

I am very happy with everyone at Longview Orthopedics. The receptionists are all really sweet, the nurses are great, and the doctors are wonderful. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for care.


Ashley was very professional, friendly, and courteous. She deserves the highest marks.

– CM

I always ask for Ashley Hawkes. She is knowledgeable, personable, and I trust her completely. The staff is excellent and I refer all my friends to Ashley and Dr. Turner.

– DP

The ARNP was knowledgeable. She was friendly and explained everything very well. One would trust her to take good care of them.

– BB

In late 2020 and early 2021 I had my first experience at Longview Orthopedics for carpal tunnel. The care, efficiency, and communications were the best I’ve ever had in a medical facility. My experience on 5/24/23 was no different. Exceptional people! I had two issues, my foot and shoulder, and was scheduled for two different appointments, the first on 5/24 and the next on 5/25. I live 100 miles away and was happy to make the two trips. However, when Ashley Hawkes became aware of this she took it upon herself to see if she could take care of both appointments on 5/24. was able to have my shoulder evaluated on the same day, thus saving me a 200-mile round trip on 5/25. Every person I encountered that day was exceptional at their jobs. A big thank you to Ashley and everyone else who took care of me.

– RH

I was seen for the fourth time by Ashley Hawkes, ARNP. She came in with a big smile and acted happy to see me. She not only remembered my history but asked pertinent questions about the problems I was facing. She took time to explain the structure of the foot and explained what could be causing the problem. She gave me options for treatment and home care. Beyond this, she gave me time to ask questions and gave advice about my concerns. I feel she took extra time to make sure I understood and encouraged me to contact her with any problems I might have. I also encountered three other staff members who were very helpful and polite. I am very pleased with your staff and facility.

– DS

Saw provider within three days of my call. Service was excellent, and the nurse practitioner was excellent in telling me the story behind my arm issues.

– PS

Ashley Hawkes was so friendly and informative!

– DP

Ashley was wonderful. She was friendly, professional, and clear about the next steps. She really listened to me during the consultation. Thank you!

- MF