Dr. Tony Lin Testimonials

Massive Cuff Tear 5 months:

6 weeks after partial knee replacement:

Both knees replaced:

Fell on ice:

Large cuff tear:

4 months after Quad tendon repair:

6 weeks Reverse total shoulder:

6 weeks after TKA in 82 yo:

3 months after TKA:

Frozen shoulder:

ACL and MCL reconstruction:

ACL reconstruction:

Back and knee pain:

Bucket handle meniscus tear:

Dr. Roemling distal biceps repair:

Both shoulder cuff repair:

Massive revision cuff repair:

Superior Capsular Reconstruction:

Meniscus surgery:

8 weeks after knee replacement:

Both shoulder resurfacing replacement:

Shoulder replacement after fracture:

Both shoulder instability dislocations:

Thumb fracture in MMA match:

Patella tendon repair:

4 months after shoulder replacement:

Both knee replacements:

5 months after cuff repair: